Saturday, 15 August 2015

Three Types Of Content Generating Websites

There are basically Three Types Of Content Generating Websites.

1. User generated content websites: 
These are website where mostly the content is generated by the users of you websites, for examples: Facebook, hubpages, Quora, etc.  Basically these websites operate like an software, they are made by programming languages like php, javascript, . Lets take the example of Quora, its an question answer website. So if you have a question and want to know the answer, you can simply register on Quora, post a question that you want to ask and some other user who knows the answer will answer your question. In this way all the content on Quora is generated by the user.

2. User and Owner generated  content websites: These are websites where both the user and the owner of the generate content. Lets take the example of tripadvisor, on tripadvisor the trip advisor team research about hotels,cities, restaurant, places to visit and provides a list of all of them . Now a user can choose a hotel or a restaurant that he or she has visited and can post a review. Why people visit tripadvisor is because it has listing of most of the hotels and places in the world and can also get reviews of that place or hotel. In this way the content is generated by both the user and the owner. 

3. Owner generated content Websites: These are the websites where the owner of the websites generates content. The most simple example is a blog, lets take my blog for example all the post are written by me. User are not allowed to write a post and people who visit my blog are here to read my post.

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