Friday, 14 August 2015

Welcome to Web Cubs

Everyone Welcome to Web Cubs

What is Web Cubs?

Web Cubs is basically a blog which will guide you through different aspects of Blogging, Making money online, Web development, Online marketing and Seo.

Why I have started this blog?

Obviously to make money, but there is one more reason. When I started my online journey, I had many ideas and was confuse about from where to start my online journey. I started my journey with a forum for traveller, where members can discuss about cities, hotels, restaurant,shopping and places to visit in asian countries. The forum was actually gaining traffic and members but the problem I faced was spamming. While researching on how to stop spamming on forum, I understood that managing a forum is not a one man job and decided to quit the forum idea as I didn't have enough money to recruit people.

After forum I started many other websites some where successful and somewhere not .During my online journey while researching on internet about traffic, web development, seo, online marketing I learned about blogging. I read many blogs about internet business but most of them were so complicated that its hard for a beginner to understand them. So here on Web Cubs I will share my knowledge in the simplest way I can and help beginners to understand about Blogging, Making money online, Web development, Online marketing and Seo.

So keep reading on Web Cubs...

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